Young Potential 


Recently graduated digital marketers are often ambitious, flexible and eager to learn. The only drawback? Their lack of experience. Their initial training can cost you a lot of time, energy and money. Our programme trains young potentials to become hands-on digital marketers.


Our approach

  • Find the perfect match

    It all starts with a thorough intake interview, in which we get to know your company, and we discuss which profile you are looking for. Then we start our search for a suitable graduate.

  • Completion of the first programme (0-12 months)

    During the first programme, the graduate is introduced to the basics of online marketing and communication:

    • Customer journey
    • Google Analytics
    • UX en conversion
    • Content- and email marketing
    • Search advertising
  • If you are satisfied, you can recruit the candidate.

    The programme ends. You can then opt to recruit the fully trained young potential on a permanent or a temporary basis.

  • Completion of the second programme (12-18 months)

    Once the second programme has begun, it's time for a deeper insight. We teach the graduate everything about automation, advertising and more.


Would you like us to train your newly recruited young talents?

Why the Young Potential Programme?

From a starter to an all-round digital marketer

The participants can expect to discover everything they need to know about online marketing and communication. But there's more! The programme also focuses on fluent communication, presentation skills and project management.

Always up-to-date with the latest developments

We bring the participants up to speed with the latest market developments and trends. They can then instantly apply all those insights in your organisation.

Continual learning

More than half of our programme consists of e-learning modules. This allows budding marketers to hone their skills at home, whenever they like. The result? Their skills and knowledge get a great boost every day.

Focus on practice

Theory and practice are often miles apart. That’s why we give our participants a lot of practical sessions and assignments. That allows them to turn their knowledge into practical skills.

An example of one of our assignments: the participants need to develop an online marketing action plan for the company they work at. Their plan is analysed by our experts and then forwarded to you.