Building a digital team with 41 experts in 3 years? That's what NMBS did.

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The NMBS digital marketing team has made a major leap forward in recent years. "It was a challenge to find the right profiles," says Digital Marketing Manager Céline De Both. "Fortunately, we could count on the expertise of NedWorks."

Building a digital team with 41 experts in 3 years? That's what NMBS did.

The benefits of insourcing

“Our marketing service did not exist 3 years ago. There was a team that managed the website and there was a digital customer service, each on their own island. Since then, we have merged and experienced rapid growth", explains Customer Intelligence Manager Michiel Van Raemdonck regarding NMBS's digital ambitions.

Sought-After Digital Profiles

Last year, Céline started the search for a Search Engine Advertising Executive, someone who takes care of the daily management of performance marketing via Google, Bing and other channels. “It is a fairly atypical situation to on-board this specific marketing expertise, but we are a large company and we considered it a logical step to tackle it internally. There is more than enough work for that." The search did not go smoothly. "It was an absolute disaster," Céline sighs. “I think it took 2 weeks before we received the first CV. That is why we appealed to NedWorks." Successfully so, because Kaan Senel started as SEA Executive at NMBS 5 months ago. "I had no idea that there was a vacancy at NMBS," says Kaan. “And it wasn't immediately a company I had in mind when I was looking for a job in digital marketing. Fortunately, NedWorks contacted me because they thought I was suitable for this job." Kaan immediately felt at home in the team: “In addition to me, they also hired a Walloon SEA expert. We complement each other nicely: I create the Dutch ads and he works on the French ones. Thanks to my manager Céline, a true SEA expert, I learned a lot in a very short time.

NedWorks could empathize with what I really needed. They only sent a few candidates, but they fit the profile right from the start.

Céline De Both, Digital Marketing Manager at NMBS

NMBS's Digital Future

The NMBS digital marketing team is now operating at full speed. "We want to move forward. We are testing things and learning from the results," says Michiel. “In addition, we focus on the company as a whole as well as the underlying IT systems. An umbrella team within NMBS preaches the gospel: the customer is at the basis of all projects that we do within the company. We try to apply that to all conceivable situations.” To allow for further growth in the future, NMBS will continue to put itself in the spotlight as an attractive employer for young digital talent. Céline: “We have made an incredible leap forward, which means that the Y-generation will certainly find its place within our company. Unfortunately, this is not always consistent with the image that digital talents have of us, but we will continue to work on that.”

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