Talent Stories. Meet Glenn Kesteleyn, Performance Marketing Manager

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Recently Glenn became part of the Sisu Marketing Team as a Performance Marketing Manager. He was looking for a part-time digital marketing role and found this job position via NedWorks.

Talent Stories. Meet Glenn Kesteleyn, Performance Marketing Manager

Could you tell us a bit more about your mission at Sisu Group?


In this assignment for NedWorks, I’m taking up the role of Performance Marketing Manager at Sisu. Sisu is a consulting services partner with expertise across various domains.


Our industry expertise includes

- Pharma

- Regulatory Affairs

- Engineering

- Supply Chain

- Quality Management

- Digital expertise

- Finance, HR and Legal

- Project Management

...and more!


My mission is to streamline the performance marketing efforts & reporting. How? By creating a solid reporting model, and making lead generation measurable and scalable.


What are the scope and goals of the project?


At Sisu, we had various ATS and CRM systems and a mishmash of tools and systems. Our ultimate goal is to improve lead generation and make its reporting measurable, and scalable.


To improve operational efficiency and show its value, we established a team to collect and report data. They also centralise systems and manage stakeholders.


The team successfully collected vital data and streamlined communication. An interesting challenge with different stakeholders across 5 different brands. In the end, the changes helped the Sisu Marketing team to perform better and grow.


The team at Sisu is always there to support me. Everybody is very approachable, regardless of the remote setup. We truly manage to work efficiently as a team.


Could you tell us a bit more about your collaboration with NedWorks?


Working with NedWorks is an amazing experience. What I appreciated most about NedWorks is that they prioritise finding the right fit for my skills, mentality, and company culture. They understood what I was looking for and acted accordingly. Their commitment to finding the perfect match for Sisu really stood out to me.


Being able to make an impact


Whatever I do, I like to make an impact. The challenges I was hired to tackle implied a lot of change. From mindset over processes to software, a lot has shifted on many levels.


One of the things I appreciate most about working with the Sisu team is that they are very open to change. They aren't afraid to try new things, and they are always willing to take calculated risks in order to grow.


The Sisu mindset


Sisu means perseverance, resilience, courage, and tenacity. To have Sisu, is to see the horizon by connecting the dots and focusing on the long term.


When organisations are confronted with disruption or change, they need to adapt and rethink their strategy. In the face of uncertainty, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the multitude of choices. To operate boldly in the face of the unknown, that’s the Sisu culture.


This is also where the company culture matches most with me as a person. Although I had never heard of the term ‘sisu’, which is an ancient Finnish term, I relate to this 100 %.


What’s the number one reason you would recommend NedWorks to your peers?


I recommend NedWorks as a trusted career partner. They look out for your best interests as a professional and are dedicated to finding the right fit.


Additionally, they provide plenty of opportunities to help you grow as a professional. Some of their initiatives include networking and knowledge-sharing events.




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