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These are exciting times in finance. Technological developments mean that financial players are no longer traditional banks. The way of communicating must therefore evolve accordingly. We have to be where the customer is: on the Internet, on his cell phone, in his head. And they need to find us there again and again as their trust.

As a financial institution, they are a pioneer in digital media and want to remain a leader in this field. Today's and tomorrow's technical resources make it possible to provide the customer with a very personal experience. The right language is indispensable for this.

What does this position entail?

They are looking for a copywriter for digital media: websites, apps, chatbots, and voice bots. A specialist in search engine optimization (SEO), who knows how to write for search engines and gets under the customer's skin with his/her messages.

Your strengths?

  • You know how to formulate things precisely, in fluent human language. You have a perfect command of Dutch.
  • As a copywriter you have experience with: digital marketing and SEO, keyword research, writing for apps and chatbots, user experience writing, the content management system AEM.
  • You have an analytical mind: you are curious, question things, want to know how things work, are precise and to the point.
  • You are up to speed with the latest developments. Innovation and experimentation are in your DNA. You follow how the world and our customers change and know how to respond to that with our communication.
  • You can handle deadlines, even when they change and become tight. You keep things on point until they are right, feedback to improve.
  • You take responsibility for the tasks assigned to you.
  • You are persuasive. Based on analytical insights, you get both your colleagues and stakeholders to explain why you make certain choices. (this may be in combination with the first)
  • You take decisions tactically, but are also tactful towards your team members and stakeholders.

What does they have to offer?

Be part of a department that encourages its people to develop their skills. To do this, you can rely on the expertise of our teams and our culture of knowledge sharing.

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