Nele Vanhecke & Faye Ben Hamoud join NedWorks

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With the arrival of Nele and Faye, NedWorks brings additional expertise on board. This allows NedWorks to further pursue its mission of valorizing Human Capital.

Nele Vanhecke & Faye Ben Hamoud join NedWorks

Nele is no stranger to the industry. With a track record in sales and business development for companies such as L'Oréal, Mediahuis, Roularta, Spott, and iValue she has a good understanding of where the sector is going and how this translates into the right skills and knowledge. In addition, Nele chairs the Expert Hub Education at BAM and knows better than anyone how important skills and training are in digitization.

Her passion for sales, education, and marketing bring her to NedWorks, where she will bring companies and digital talents together from her trusted sector and expertise. 

"For a market in constant motion, NedWorks is the dream company for me. Relevant guidance to companies with strategy, resources, training programs, and growth, feels like the right way forward in times of digital revolution. Although the delicious coffee, great colleagues, and beautiful location also have something to do with it..."

Nele Vanhecke Industry Business Manager at NedWorks

With years of experience in staffing and recruitment, Faye is very aware of why the right person in the right place in the right role is so important. The match between culture, ambitions, and the right skills is the formula to success. 

"I look forward to walking the NedWorks path and creating opportunities within a digital world where continuous movement and growth is noticeable."

Faye Ben Hamoud Industry Business Manager at NedWorks
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