NedWorks helping you to valorize what is most important: People

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Change. It can be caused by a competitor entering a market, a new technology changing the dynamics, expectations from consumers that are changing or even “black swans” such as the current pandemic freezing society and economy. It doesn't matter what the cause is, your ability to innovate and steer towards what is behind the corner, will differentiate your company from the rest. 

NedWorks helping you to valorize what is most important: People

In this, there is one asset that will make or break your transformation: your human capital. With human capital we mean both your direct (actual workforce) as indirect ( freelancers and partners) human capital. What differentiates good plans from great plans is the shared ownership and the clarity for employees and partners on how to contribute to the bigger picture. This was the case in the past and will remain so in the future. 

In the beginning of 2019 the Digital Maturity Benchmark was launched in Belgium. One of the key-insights of this Google-BCG research was the clear view on what makes (digital mature) companies successful versus other companies. From the six factors leading to success, three of them were directly related to people:

  1. Specialist skills: hire and train people on advanced technical/marketing skills such as data scientists, performance managers, data architecture, etc.
  2. Strategic partnerships: it is all about ecosystems, therefore work together with agency partners or technology partners while keeping the control.
  3. Agile teaming & fail fast culture: C-level sponsorship that embraces a fail-fast, test-and-learn approach in which you identify failures early, but also learn the appropriate lessons. Innovation will come from daring to be different and not from doing the same.


With NedWorks, we are a people-driven company. Our mission is to let people become the best version of themselves. A mission we take seriously. Not only for the hundreds of freelancers we work with everyday, or the thousands of people our Google Digitaal Trainers trained throughout time. But also for every company that’s struggling to bridge business with people. 

For this reason we’ve developed NedWorks Strategy. NedWorks Strategy is a service led by Guy Gelaude (ex-Google). It offers you the possibility to be accompanied by specialists through a five step NedWorks model. A proven framework that helps you to become more digital mature while maximizing new and existing talent.


During this journey we guide your company through five steps:

  1. scoping the (digital) marketing and/or business challenge,
  2. assessing (digital) maturity and deepdive on customers, mission, services and human capital
  3. prototyping solutions via sprint-approach and translating this into required competences/skill set (permanent and temporary)
  4. evaluating current digital maturity and progress booked
  5. staffing and coaching digital teams on the short and middle long term via training, project staffing and recruitment.  




In order to become and remain a successful company, your human capital will be a key differentiator. This is the case today but even more so tomorrow. So don’t wait till tomorrow to make a difference today and reach out to:

NedWorks building digital teams and helping company-talent grow.

About the author

Guy is Chief Strategy Officer @ NedWorks. He has only one mission: connecting business, people and technology. With his background in strategy, marketing & sales he offers solid people-focused solutions for companies in change. During the weekends you can find him outdoors, spending time with his wife, 2 sons (6 &7) and his dog "Billy the Bouvier". Guy is always in for a (virtual) coffee chat on how talent, technology and data are changing the world.

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