How to attract and retain your audience's attention

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Research has revealed that the average human attention decreased substantially over the past years. We’re down to a mere 8 seconds to attract and hold the attention of our audience.

Aurélie Cuisset, Business Manager at NedWorks, shares her opinion on how brands can win the competition for attention.

How to attract and retain your audience's attention

How can brands beat the 8 second attention span? 

Companies need to create clear value propositions that truly resonate with their audience and their needs. One way to do so is by engaging in trends. Brands should watch trends carefully because they provide insights into what a demographic cares about.


It's important to keep in mind that brands can only make an impact on their audience if they communicate about trends genuinely and authentically. Do not underestimate your audience, they will know if your message is authentic or a cheap trick. 


If you choose to hop on a trend, make sure that it enhances your message and that it aligns with your brand. 


How? This is where influencer marketing comes in. More and more brands are now turning to what is called a 360° digital strategy which combines an online and offline approach, including influencer content intertwined in native platform-based content. 

Keen on starting with influencer marketing but not sure where to begin? Brand ambassadorship is key. Make sure that you only collaborate with influencers who share your brand’s values and love. 

That’s an excellent foundation for a longterm partnership. 

Aurélie Cuisset, Business Manager at NedWorks

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Aurélie Cuisset | Business Manager 

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