What does a freelance Sales Enablement Manager do at DPG Media?

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How does NedWorks freelancers help our clients grow? What are their ambitions and challenges? In this series we put our digital consultants in the spotlight so you learn all about their challenging projects and their freelance life.

What does a freelance Sales Enablement Manager do at DPG Media?

Heike Van Muylem works as a freelance Sales Enablement Manager via NedWorks at DPG Media. We asked her about the fascinating trajectory she goes through.

What do you do as a freelance Sales Enablement Manager?

Within the Advertising Sales organisation of DPG Media I am taking care of the Communication/Marketing alignment with the different sales organisations putting our customers at the heart of all our campaigns.

Can you tell me more about the project at DPG Media? 

As part of the B2B Communication team, the Sales Enablement role is to ensure we engage our customers via our sales colleagues with compelling content and assets that help them translate their marketing goals into relevant media strategies. We own the content on the sales enablement platform and the adoption of the tool by our sales colleagues. Recently, in cooperation with a Sales Director we kicked-off the implementation of an online training platform to ensure faster ramping of new sales and go-to-market for the big variety of offerings (products and solutions).

What do you like about it? 

What I love is the variety of tasks, my super manager and the great caring colleagues - something that is highlighted even more in these surrealistic times the world is facing right now. If it weren’t for my freelance status I would not have been offered this assignment as I had no previous advertising experience.

How innovative is DPG Media?

The company has the right visionary leadership to navigate through very tough times. Convergence is happening big time and competition is coming from large international players. The leadership team deals with these challenges in a creative and innovative way taking into account the needs of their people and customers. And they dare to take risks to ensure their competitive edge (deal with Telenet)

How did you experience the collaboration with NedWorks?

This is my first assignment as freelancer, so I was very happy with the guidance and support I got from my contacts at NedWorks. It can be a bit of a challenge starting as a freelance at a more mature age :) Simple things like creating a correct invoice were new to me.

What are your ambitions as a freelancer?

My BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) is to start my own social entrepreneurship project in the near future. I feel immensely inspired by projects like ‘cuddle & kind’, where next to ensuring company profits you give back to society so that the world becomes a more balanced place. In order to do so sharpening my entrepreneurial skills is key!

What are your challenges as a freelancer? 

Regularly looking for new assignments is new to me. So I guess that also here, developing my entrepreneurial skills and elevator pitch is obligatory. Dealing with insecurity of income, planning holiday time and learning to look at business income with a new mindset.

How do you keep your knowledge up-to-date?

I read as much as I can, follow trainings and keep updated by speaking to my broad network. Also, I keep an open mind to new technologies like AI, IoT, the increase of servitization and the new role sales will have to play for their customers. But also new sales enablement platforms.

What trends can be discerned in today’s digital world?

AI is being added to most digital solutions and apps on offer. It gives detailed insights on customer behaviour and helps Marketers drive companies to transform from product to customer-centric organizations. Exciting times we’re living in!

What tip do you have for starting digital freelancers?

Make sure you do what you love doing, get a framework to help you with a business and financial plan and share your story with the world. 

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