Join the Income Survey for Digital Professionals

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For the fifth year in a row, NedWorks launches its Income Survey for Digital Professionals. In the coming weeks, you’ll be able to leave your data and opinion on freelance income. Last year we surveyed more than 500 freelance digital marketing professionals, and this year we would like to have as many participants as possible. And therefore, we need your help!

Join the Income Survey for Digital Professionals

Are you curious about whether your salary as a digital professional is in line with the market? Then you are not the only one. Now is your chance to participate in the Income Survey for Digital Professionals. Launched at the end of last week, digital professionals in Belgium have already participated massively.

Fill out the Income Survey today and get your copy of the Income Report!


  • Find out whether your salary is in line with the market
  • Discover whether location, digital specialization, and type of company affect salary 
  • Learn more about education opportunities and loyalty 


*The results will be published in 2021 on In the meantime, check out 2019’s results here! 
** Personal data will be collected for quality reasons only and will not be shared externally or used for commercial purposes. 
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Paulien is Industry Business & Marketing Manager at NedWorks. Her goal is to inspire like-minded digital professionals and support people and organizations to achieve their true potential. 


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