How MultiMinds finds digital talents to stimulate growth

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Many companies struggle to attract digital talent. Where do you find the right profiles and how do you make them an attractive offer? Over the past few years, data analysis agency MultiMinds has been looking for the best formula to find new digital talent. "We learned a lot from this ourselves," say founders Siegert Dierickx and Philippe Vlaemminck.

How MultiMinds finds digital talents to stimulate growth

MultiMinds helps companies that want to substantiate their digital marketing strategy with clear business objectives based on data. Siegert Dierickx and Philippe Vlaemminck’s data analysis agency was founded in 2014. 

Four years later, the team consists of 14 digital talents. This growth spurt will not be coming to an end any time soon: MultiMinds aims to celebrate its five-year existence with a team of 20 people.


How does MultiMinds find the digital talent to realize its ambitious growth plans? "We have two different profiles, each with their own approach: business profiles that work as digital analytics consultants, on the one hand, and IT professionals who ensure data integration, database knowledge, and machine learning, on the other," explains Philippe Vlaemminck.


Search for Technical Profiles

"Technical profiles are the hardest to find. Many IT professionals choose to work in an IT company because they feel most at home there. In other companies, IT is often limited to a support function such as managing the server or creating networks. That obviously has to happen, but they are not the most attractive jobs for ambitious technical profiles."

"At MultiMinds, IT is part of our core business, even though we are a marketing company. That is why I visit higher education institutions myself to explain what we do and what challenging assignments we can offer technical profiles. That's how we hope to attract promising students right after they graduate."


Quickly operational

"In addition, the team comprises digital analytics consultants with a business focus. They studied economics with a specialization in digital marketing. They determine the data strategy of our customers and analyze the data," Siegert Dierickx adds.

"Last year we asked Bloovi Me (red. former name of NedWorks) to help us out with a recruitment. During those conversations, we were introduced to the Digital Masters Academy. Graduates-to-be are given the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in digital marketing during their studies. For us a great try & hire formula: we receive high-quality profiles that can be operational in no time."


"The junior consultants who joined our team had a solid background in digital marketing. We were able to engage them immediately in our team. After successfully completing an assignment, we were already able to offer three young potentials a permanent contract. For us, this type of graduate recruitment, with the addition of a program such as the Digital Masters Academy, has proven to be an extraordinarily positive collaboration."


Enabling a data-based growth

Digital talents can often choose from various job offers. How does MultiMinds position itself as an attractive employer? "During a job interview, we primarily talk about the job content," says Siegert Dierickx.

"We help companies to grow based on what the data reveal. This means our employees have the opportunity to help major brands such as Colruyt Group, NMBS and L'Oréal with their data strategy and digital marketing strategy. "


"Moreover, being a neutral party, we have a unique position in Belgium. We do not create websites, we do not run digital campaigns, we do not manage a media budget. This allows us to say without hesitation what works and what doesn't."

"The DMA junior consultants who joined our team had a solid background in digital marketing. We were able to engage them immediately in our team."

Siegert Dierickx Managing Partner & Digital Analytics Lead at MultiMinds

Convince with content and a billiard table

"In addition, we also designed a great workplace. We invested in a flexible office that allows you to work in teams or on your own. And we made sure to incorporate some relaxation options: we have a pool table and you can do a power nap in the hammock."

MultiMinds did more than pay a lot of attention to an open office that allows for a good balance between work and play: "We also attach great importance to open communication within our team. The combination of business and technical profiles resulted in a complementary and tight-knit team. New recruitments have to fit within that open culture."


"Finally, everyone is given the space to develop, both as a person and a professional. Our employees get many opportunities for growth, but we expect them to seize those opportunities. We are looking for people who are passionate about their job, who are a crack in their field and who constantly try new things."


Welcome on board

New employees can count on an extensive onboarding process: "We provide intensive support during the first 6 weeks. We allow new employees to participate in a project as quickly as possible, although this will obviously also depend on what is on our schedule."

"In addition, we combine training with self-study. We regularly organize training courses in Google Analytics, Google Tag manager and Adobe Analytics for our customers. New employees are allowed to jump in on these courses. Finally, a buddy will guide them through our company."


"Friday is our holy day"

MultiMinds consciously chooses not to outsource people to another company: "Our team members work alternately at our office in Aalst or on site with a customer. Employees often work on different projects with different customers at the same time. This keeps the work varied."

"On Fridays, we are all present at the office. That is our holy day. That's when we discuss projects, but we make plenty of time for fun as well. Fridays often end in parties."


Siegert and Philippe established MultiMinds in Aalst: "Easy for us, because we live here. But the location comes with other advantages. The traffic jams to Brussels start in Aalst, so our employees do not have to get stuck in traffic."


"Moreover, Aalst in recent years has been developing into a lively city where several startups see the light of day. And there are higher education institutions in Aalst that offer interesting digital and technical options. We approach the students themselves, since it's obviously also easy for them to work close to home."


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