5 tips to maximize retention of your marketing team

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Let’s face it: today’s job market isn’t very favourable. With an uncertain economy, staffing changes (think about Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp), and more job openings than applicants, it’s not always easy navigating recruitment.

And then there’s that other thing – retaining talent. Because once you’ve got them bagged, will they stay?

5 tips to maximize retention of your marketing team

We know these struggles all too well and hear about them from our clients daily, which is why we’ve decided to share some knowledge. This is how you should hire to find and retain digital marketers.

Take one for the team

When hiring a new digital marketer, ask yourself what type of marketeer you need. To ensure your co-workers ‘click’ with one another, you’ll need people with different skills and preferences. Usually, a good marketing team consists of


A strategist

A data analyst

A wordsmith

A connector / NedWorker ;-)

A tech wizard

A conceptualiser

A project manager


Don’t file a vacancy for 'Digital Marketeer’; first, think of which roles you need to fill within your marketing team. Then, find the missing puzzle piece, and adjust the vacancy to that specific role description. As a result, your candidate will better understand expectations and job content. This will be more likely to stay. 


Focus on culture instead of skills

Another way to hire: focusing on culture. Future forward companies have already taken this to heart, and with good reason. If a candidate is a cultural and team fit, why not hire them? 

“Skills can be taught, but attitude can’t.”

Once you’ve found the right cultural fit, develop a training track to get them up to speed within the job. What our clients found to be successful: a 12 or 24-week T-shaped Training Track for newly hired digital talent. Provide your new employee with a series of hands-on courses providing them with the right skill set for the job. 

T-shaped Factory by NedWorks will find you the perfect match and grow them into the professional you need. Hiring digital talent with T-shaped Factory is more efficient, saving you time and money.


How to retain online marketers

Once you’ve hired digital talent, how do you make them want to stay? Doing the old ‘switcheroo’ isn’t uncommon for digital talent. One way to build a lasting relationship with your new hire is to invest in them. Some essentials:


  • A solid onboarding experience. A proper onboarding on both the job and company culture.
  • Mentor programs. This helps new talent to find their way efficiently, having room for questions, feedback and tips.
  • Communication. As hybrid and remote work increases, proactivity from leadership is essential. Make sure your door is open to your team, also digitally.
  • Build trust. Remote work and flexible working hours aren’t uncommon. To do so comfortably, building trust between the two parties is crucial. 
  • Training and personal development. Work isn’t just… well, work. Encourage your team to grow both professionally and personally.

Are you ready to challenge the old way of hiring? NedWorks helps companies like yours to build their digital teams effectively. With our team, we’re not only able to find the right cultural and skilful fit for your open role, but we can also help you to make them want to stay longer.

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